About Us

Please take some time to read this whole page to gain a firm understanding of why what we offer at fun and play is so unique and special.

What We Offer

We offer both part and full-time daycare for babies, toddlers and foundation children. Please kindly read more about this on individual pages appropriate to your child’s age.

Additionally, we uniquely offer a flexible creche drop-off service for families that do not require full-time daycare but who would like their children to socialise, learn and gain independence in a fun, loving secure environment.

What Makes Us Special

At Fun & Play, we have a very well-earned exceptional reputation for our unique approach to childcare, for children aged 4 months to 6 years.

Children will learn through play and first-hand experience and be offered the opportunity to participate in a variety of experiences that will enhance their skills and knowledge. They will be valued as individuals and always have access to a meaningful, focused, enjoyable programme.

The Setting

We are an independent daycare setting. Our ethos is intimate and family orientated. We are not a chain or an imported brand with glossy brochures and offer no sound bites. Only very limited spaces are available, and we have been consistently oversubscribed since the day we were founded.

Our Aim

Is to provide a warm, friendly, welcoming and secure environment where children can thrive. Our main intention is to guide children to reach the important skills they need for life. These skills include learning independence, being kind and respectful of others and develop qualities such as perseverance, confidence, enthusiasm and tolerance.


We aim to provide a safe, positive and reassuring environment within which all children can play and learn. We work alongside parents through daily 2-way communication to encourage good behavior respectfully and supportively. Children grow, change, and develop rapidly during the years they spend in our nursery and their behavior and our response to it, must adapt, understanding the child’s current understanding, abilities, and home environment.

Our vision for Fun & Play

To be the leader in high standard daycare  in the community. To provide a warm and welcoming environment to all and to work in partnership with parents to develop mutual respect, honesty and openness.