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Fun & Play Curriculum

Fun and Play Nursery Dubai Curriculum
At Fun and Play nursery we follow the British birth to three matters and EYFS curriculum. We are extremely proud to have built a truly academic nursery that is fully inclusive, nurturing to every child that attends the setting and affordable to all families. Children’s progress is tracked against

Behaviour Policy

Fun and Play Nursery Dubai Behaviour Policy
We aim to provide a safe, positive and reassuring environment within which all children can play and learn. We work alongside parents through daily 2-way communication to encourage good behavior respectfully and supportively. Children grow, change, and develop rapidly during the years they spend in

What is EYEP©?

OUR EARLY YEARS EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMME (EYEP) We offer our Early Years Educational Programme (EYEP); our aim is to give each child the best possible care and to ensure they develop in all key areas. Our staff observe and listen to their ‘key child’ on a daily basis, in order to develop your child

What is LSEP©?

LIFE-START EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMME© (LSEP©) The early years of a child’s life are extremely important, perhaps the most important years of their lives. Babies and young children need support as they begin their journey of self discovery. At Fun and Play this journey  is  supported  
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