What is LSEP©?



The early years of a child’s life are extremely important, perhaps the most important years of their lives. Babies and young children need support as they begin their journey of self discovery. At Fun and Play this journey  is  supported  in  a  loving  and  secure  environment  by experienced and qualified childcare professionals. The very beginnings of autonomy can be seen in the relationships that exist as babies and young children play and explore alongside a close, attentive-warm and sensitive adult.

The ‘guiding’ principles that underpin our Life Start Educational Programme (LSEP) come from the ‘Birth to Three matters’ framework produced by the UK Department of Education and a number  of  additional  sources  including  representative  educational  organisations,  leading childcare writers, experts and leading western practitioners. The principles of our LSEP are as follows:

  • Parents and families are central to the well being of the child;
  • Relationships with other people (both adults and children) are of crucial importance in a child’s life;
  • A Relationship with a ‘key person’ at home and at Fun and Play is essential to children’s well being;
  • Babies and young children are social beings, they are competent learners from birth;
  • Learning is a shared process and children learn most effectively when, with the support of a knowledgeable and  trusted Fun and Play staff member, they  are actively involved and interested;
  • Caring adults count more than resources and equipment;
  • Schedules and routines must flow with a child’s needs;
  • Children learn when they are given appropriate responsibility, allowed to make errors, decisions and choices, and respected as autonomous and competent learners;
  • Children learn by doing rather than being told;
  • Babies and young children are vulnerable. They only learn to be independent by having someone they can depend on.

Our staff along with the early years team work closely with parents to make sure we give your children  the  best  opportunities  to  develop  to  their  full  potential  using  the  LSEP  planning structure. It shows how best to enable children to feel safe and supported and to extend their learning and development.


In our LSEP, and our whole environment we promote the use of the ‘Birth to Three Matters’ Framework, which takes as it’s focus the child. It identifies four Aspects, which celebrate the skill and  competence of babies  and young children  and highlights  the  interrelationship  between growth, learning, development, and the environment in which they are cared for and educated. These four ‘Aspects are:

  • A Strong Child
  • A Skilful Communicator
  • A Competent Learner
  • A Healthy Child

1). A Strong Child

In order to become strong, a baby needs a nurturing environment where a Fun and Play key person will play an essential role. By encouraging and supporting decision making, emphasising and providing opportunities for children, the key person will help the child grow emotionally so that they are able to respond to successes and challenges.

2). A Skilful Communicator

To become skilful communicators our babies and younger children are placed in a secure, warm and loving environment together with others. By being together, this leads to the wider development of social relations which include friendship, empathy, sharing emotions and experiences and becoming a competent language user. The early attempts at finding a voice are rewarded at Fun and Play in a variety of ways, thereby increasing confidence and encouraging children to both extend their range and increase their skills. Babies are able from an early age to distinguish sound patterns. They will use their voices to make contact and to let people know what they need and how they feel.

Early communication with babies can be made by using Baby Sign techniques. Fun and Play do provide a course for Parents and their babies to develop further this area of interaction. Fun and Play encourage all our parents and babies enrolled onto our LSEP to participate, thereby allowing better interpretation of non verbal signals.

3). A Competent Learner

Babies that are only a few hours old gaze at patterns which resemble the human face in preference to others. Babies are extremely competent learners from birth, equipped with the most powerful and evolved brain ever to have existed in any species on earth.

As babies explore their world through touch, sight, sound, taste, smell and movement, their sensory  and  physical  explorations  affect  the  patterns  that  are  laid  down  in  the  brain. Through repeated experiences of people, objects and materials, young children begin to form mental images which lead them to imitate, explore and re-enact as they play imaginatively with our materials and resources, using all their senses. As they engage, they become increasingly imaginative. Children become creative through exploration and discovery as they experiment with sound, media and movement.

4). A Healthy Child

A healthy child means much more than having nutritious foods to eat, and being free from illness. For babies and young children, being special to someone and cared for is vital for their physical, social and emotional health and well being. At Fun and Play we understand that Emotional well being includes relationships that are close, warm and supportive; being able to express feelings such as joy, sadness, frustration and fear, leading to the development of strategies to cope with new challenges and stressful situations later in life.

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