My name is Richa Pabari, I am of Indian origin and I grew up in a small country in Africa called Malawi. That is where my passion for children education and early upbringing came from as many families there don’t have the luxuries of sending their children to school as most can’t afford it.

Since then I have always been driven to improve such conditions and gaining experience in schools around Malawi as an assistant and a teacher has made me more aware of the benefits of not only providing children with education, but giving them an opportunity to build their own foundation and explore modern and intuitive ways of learning

And that brings me here! My goal for Fun and Play is to bring about a very playful, homely, welcoming but more importantly education-driven environment.

My team

Fun & Play nursery was established in 2011 and is a warm and loving ‘home from home’ environment.  The children in our care feel calm, happy and stimulated though their time with us.  My team continually go above and beyond to ensure that the highest standards of childcare are met.  We know each and every child intimately, and this ensures the parents of the children that attend our setting are constantly confident and reassured that Fun & Play is the right place for their children to begin their first stepping stone, on a very long educational journey.