Encouraging children’s responsibility and participation

  • Encourage your children to take responsibility by helping with daily chores. It’s often easier to do things yourself, but children benefit when you let them help out. It gives them a chance to cooperate, learn new skills and feel a sense of accomplishment.


  • Encourage your children to think of small ways to help others. Perhaps they could get a toy or a nappy to help you with a younger child. Or they could make a card for someone who isn’t feeling well.


  • Involve your children when you help others. Let them pitch in when you help an elderly relative/neighbour shop, or even help you to take out their rubbish. This helps children practice kindness, compassion and empathy.


  • Help your children learn about and value their own culture. Involve them in family traditions to celebrate their heritage. This helps your children feel good about their own identity and connects them to a larger community.


  • Encourage participation in nursery/school/community activities that build your children’s talents and interests (like sports, music, art, etc.). This helps identify their strengths and gives direction, purpose and enjoyment.


  • Read or tell children stories about others who help out and get involved in community activities.
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